Sunday, September 23, 2012

Refractory Period

Some things just can't be rushed, no matter how much we all may like them to be!

So, when I first started putting this series together, I looked at a lot of web comics to see what kind of format they used, and how often they updated. I came across a few "standard themes"...
  1. Most say they update on a regular basis, then every update comes with a note saying, "hey, you guys, I'm really sorry about how late this page was, but life really sucks, and I promise to do better...".
  2. Some say they update on certain days, and keep to the schedule pretty diligently. This is rare, and they usually have some kind of paid model, either special member's areas or bonus content for sale. Also ads, lots and lots of ads.
  3. A few just say "Screw it, I'll update when I get to it." I like that honesty, but most of these sites seem to be abandoned, or update very, very rarely.
I didn't like any of those models. Now, obviously, I'm not making any money off of this, so I do have to have a "real job" to pay the mortgage and all that, so I can't spend inordinate amounts of time on it. But, I do it because I like it, and it's a great stress reliever, and I get to write the stories that I want to read, so I want to take it seriously.

So, I started off with a pretty big stash of pages in the hopper before I started posting, and I work in spurts (pun intended), so I can keep a pretty big reserve for times when I can get to it for a while. End result, I've finished issue 11 as issue 3 is starting to be published. That's a pretty big reserve! I also know, however, that I've only got one more storyline sketched out, and one more seed of an idea after that. So, it's kind of scary to think I may actually run out of ideas!

So here's what I'm thinking (for now, at least). I'm going to switch from one page a week, to one every 5 days. That doesn't seem like a big difference, but it means 73 pages a year instead of  52, so that's pretty big. That way, I'll be able to get through some of the backlog, hopefully keep people interested, and still not have to worry too much about the well running dry. If I come up with something better, I'll let you know. Or if I find a way to make some money here so I can justify working on it more regularly (mysterious benefactor, are you listening?).

In the mean time, if you have any suggestions for update schedules, or any story ideas you'd like me to tackle, or any help in increasing readership or monetization, or really anything at all, add it to the comments!

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