Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TWC Vote Incentives

Here's a little look at what you may have been missing...

This is a compilation of all the vote incentive pics I've done so far! If you click the banner below, you can see the latest in all its full-size glory! It just takes two clicks, and you don't have to have an account, so it can be totally anonymous. Voting really helps me get the word out about P&P, which in the future will give me lots more flexibility for new updates. Also, you get to see the gang in situations that don't make it into the regular comics! Go ahead and give it a click - I'd love to get into the top 100!

And, coming up, I'm going to be doing a 12 Days of Christmas incentive drive - from the 13th through the 24th, the gang will be exchanging presents. Then, through the end of the year, the fun will keep going! Make sure to vote to check it out!

Vote for P&P on Top Web Comics! New incentive pic every Sunday!

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