Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It's finally Halloween, and you just know that this is a group that would love to dress up in costumes! I know the usual is to go with witches and zombies, but I figured the P&P gang would go for something a bit more cute, so this year's costumes are based on...

The Wizard of Oz!

Kellie as Dorothy, Trisha as the Cowardly lion, and Devon as the Tin Woodsman.

I figured"Tin Woodsman" was an obvious choice for Devon!
What I haven't figured our is how Trisha's tail is connected.
Looks like Kellie's found a use for it, at least!

Aww, no more wood for now. I'm sure it will be back soon though - Kellie doesn't look quite done yet! And if not, that oil-can cap looks like it might have some potential!

 Oh yeah, obviously whoever owns Wizard of Oz does not endorse this behavior in any way. And I stole the background pic. Don't sue me, I'm already broke.

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